Numeracy Week Teacher Resources

Maths Wizard

Here is a ‘Super Maths Wizard‘. All classes have the same questions but you can modify the time you give your kids to do it. For example you might allow Yr 6 and Yr 7s 3 mins and the Yr 1s 10 minutes. If you wanted to do something extra you could graph their results so they can see their improvement.

We will do the maths wizard on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, then hand out the certificates at Thursdays assembly for the most improved and fastest in each class.  Certificates have been placed in teacher pigeon holes.

Count-On Website

To celebrate Numeracy during Literacy and Numeracy Week, have students visit the ‘Count-On’ website.

  • Teach your students to play Sudoku – search on Google Images.
  • Have students create a piece of art using shapes and patterns.
  • Let them build with 2cm cubes and have them determine the volume.
  • Give them problem-solving questions (I have a problem-solving book and so does Steve).
  • Let’s do a whole-school ‘student graph’ showing their favourite subject at shcool.
  • I have an excellent website for upper school problem-solving – we could multi-age group them. I have placed ‘Take a Challenge’ on the Shared Drive in the Teachers’ folder – under Literacy and Numeracy Week.

Paul Swan Money Investigation Activity (Senior Maths)

After the Paul Swan Pd, we thought we would do the Bank Note Investigation he spoke about for the seniors maths week activity. That way you can make it as big or as small as you like and work it around transition etc.

The RBA site and there is heaps of cool stuff! Videos, interactive Bank notes that explain what each part is for etc.

We thought you could do the design your own bank notes challenge with the congruent triangles. I attached a basic activity where they can design their own banknote, should be pretty easy….change it as you like J

Here are some links to the RBA site – Bank note interactive site – How the vision impaired recognise bank notes – video on how bank notes are produced

Numeracy Ambassador – Simon Pampena

Check out Simon Pampena. Simon has been the Numeracy Ambassador for NLNW since 2009. He is known as the ‘Maths Man’ and has captured the minds and imaginations of many students with his ability to combine the ideas of mathematics with comedy.
To find out more, visit Simon Pampena’s website.