Literacy and Numeracy Games

Literacy links

  • ABC Games Centre – fun games including characters from B1 and B2, Rattus, Mixy, Feral TV, the Couch Potato game and more.
  • BBC Bitesize – interactive online games to assist you with spelling, phonics, using punctuation and more.
  • CBeebies Stories – Listen and read along with popular children’s stories.
  • Children’s Book Council of Australia – recommends books for young readers and has links to the websites of Australian authors.
  • FUSE – find a large range of interactive online tools and games for literacy and numeracy.
  • Giggle Poetry – choose from hundreds of poems to read and rate.
  • Inside a Dog – a website for young people about books.  You can read book reviews or write a book review of your own.
  • Learn English Kids – Play the language games and have fun while you learn.
  • Lexipedia – an online visual network with dictionary and thesaurus reference functionality.
  • Literacy Centre – interactive literacy activities for primary school students.
  • Peep and the Big Wide World – Play games with Peep and his friends on this site for Early Childhood and Lower Primary students.
  • Read Write Think – an interactive tool where you can create your own newspaper, booklet, brochure or flyer.
  • Starfall – activities to teach children how to read with phonics.
  • Storybird – make stories with family and friends to share.
  • Storyline Online – Listen to stories being read online and then challenge yourself to complete activities that accompany the stories.


Numeracy links

  • Bobbie Bear – games related to Bobbie Bear.
  • Count On – Maths games and activities for school children, resources for teachers and general maths investigations.
  • Count Us In – games to help kids with basic number concepts.
  • FUSE – find a large range of interactive online tools and games for literacy and numeracy.
  • Illuminations – Over 100 online maths activities for students in Kindergarten to Year 12.