Literacy Week Teacher Resources

Storyline Online

Storyline Online is a brilliant site. Created by the Screen Actors Guild Foundation, it features many well-know children’s books that are animated and read by well-known actors and personalities including Betty White. Books include ‘The Rainbow Fish’ ‘Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge’ and there are teacher activities available.
Please take the time to listen to some of  the stories and ask your students vote for their favourite children’s book. You may need to show your students how to access this. (There will be a direct link in the menu bar). To load more books, simply scroll down to the bottom of the Storyline Online page and click ‘Load More Books’.

A Poem in Your Pocket

This year, Literacy and Numeracy Week organisers are asking students to write a poem for the A Poem in Your Pocket activity. This activity allows students to choose one of the many forms of poetry and choose a topic they’re interested in. Then they can keep the poem handy (in their pocket, diary, school bag on their iphone or laptop) to read the poem to classmates, teachers and parents throughout this year’s NLNW.

For student inspiration, Giggle Poetry has a Poetry Theatre page with Poetry Plays. There are lots of funny poems to choose from.

Read for Australia

The Read for Australia book this year is Sunday Chutney by Aaron Blabey. Schools may like to invite parents to come to participate in the event. The book explores many themes such as friendship, self-reliance and the importance of family. A video of Sunday Chutney is available for schools to use for Read for Australia. Because of the Sports Carnival, perhaps we could make this a Thursday afternoon activity instead of Friday?

Classroom Buddy Reading

If you would like to, we thought classes could partner up to do silent reading. Here is a suggestion to make it easier.

  • PP1-TA14 (Kindy could alternate days?)
  • PP1-TA16 (Kindy could alternate days?)
  • TA9-TA5
  • TA10-TA6
  • TA11-TA7
  • TA13-TA8